What are the Characteristics Symptoms of Diabetes?

By | June 1, 2016

Many times it happens that the symptoms of the diabetes are very difficult to identify because there are many symptoms which are very common, and these symptoms occur in all cases. The symptoms of diabetes use to appear and then after some time it uses to disappear, so it becomes very difficult to find the symptoms of diabetes. There are many symptoms in the medical which make it more puzzling. There are some symptoms which are classic, and this are too many symptoms for diabetes. They are frequent urination also weight loss without any reason, extreme thirst this are some of the symptoms which can give the possibilities of diabetes. There is one more kind of diabetes that is called as type 2 in this no symptoms can be found in the body.


How many types of diabetes are been there?

There are generally two type of diabetes which is known as type 1 and type 2, and there are lots of differences between both kinds. Diabetes can be caused by the excessive of the level of the blood glucose from the deficiencies in the insulin production. Type 1 diabetes can be developed in the children and for the young and the adults, whereas the type 2 diabetes is used to evolve in the adulthood. The common symptom which is being marked in both types of diabetes is the continual fatigue. We all know that glucose is the primary source which gives the energy to our body. It uses to give the power to function the body and glucose use to repair all the cells in the body also gives movement to major muscle. When insulin is not able to perform the regulation of the glucose in the bloodstream, diabetes can be lethargic.

One symptom is the blurred vision

The best symptom is the blurred vision, if you think that you are not able to see the view clearly, that means you might be affected by diabetes. This can occur in the middle of the age, due to the age-related this problem can also occur. Diabetes can also lead to the blindness. This can be done because the sugar level in the body can also do the damage in the blood vessels and on the back side of the eye retina get affected because of it. There are many people who are affected by the type 2 diabetes in this kind the risk of the infection gets increased. In this type, the wound gets repaired very slowly. The diabetes patient should pay proper attention to the disease because it can cause critical illness or wounds.

What other are the symptoms of diabetes?

Tingling in the hand or the feet are also the sign of diabetes, and this happens especially in the type 2 diabetes, in this you need a daily checkup and the injection insulin and also glucose test is required. Diabetes can also be treated by dietary and the change in lifestyle. The type 2 diabetes is quite easy to manage as compared to the type 1 diabetes and you can read about diabetes destroyer book here.

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